Turning the Light On One Question at a Time.

Communion often begins with good conversation. And good conversation often begins around the dinner table. Join award-winning singers, songwriters and authors Mark Lowry and Andrew Greer for the brand new film series and podcast. Subscribe via iTunes or YouTube below!

Season 3

Finding Beauty in Brokenness featuring Julie Roberts

Gold-selling country music artist Julie Roberts chronicles her real life drama of tragedy and triumph — including a life-changing Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis while in her twenties — and the lessons of hope she has learned...

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An Intellectual Faith featuring Eric Metaxas

New York Times bestseller and radio personality Eric Metaxas discusses the crossroads of culture and faith as we ask the question, "What does it mean to be a Christian in the 21st century?" — peppered with Eric's infamous...

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Fear Factors featuring Patsy Clairmont

Popular author and wise woman Patsy Clairmont turns the table on Dinner Conversations co-host Mark Lowry as she interviews him about his life and asks the big question, “What do you fear?” Don't miss a single episode of...

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Perfectly Imperfect featuring Wynonna Judd

Country music legend Wynonna Judd opens up about her lifelong struggle with and recovery from perfectionism, while her husband and bandmate Cactus Moser keeps things light and laughing with his distinctive brand of witty...

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Orphans No More featuring Lisa Harper

Bestselling author and speaker Lisa Harper recounts her labor-of-love journey into becoming a mom, and her daughter Missy joins in on the fun! Don't miss a single episode of Dinner Conversations — subscribe below! TRANSCRIPT FROM THE SHOW...

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Gather ‘round the table as notable hosts Mark Lowry and Andrew Greer engage a variety of noteworthy guests in poignant conversations about adoption, family dynamics, finding beauty in brokenness and preventing suicide. There’s one seat...

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